Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bun Certified Bava Programmer!

Only jokers from Mastimakerz can come up with a tag line like this!

We came across an old video of us taken during our trip to Nagarjuna Sagar. The video had Karthik looking at the camera and talking like a newsreader. He was teasing Spoo like this:
"She joined IMIS thinking it is IIMS. She is planning to do MBA from SBI. She knows a lot of programming languages like Bava 1.4, B, B++, B sharp, SQL, para SQL, MS home, FROG, RASCAL, Doors98. She has recently joined Macro Swift. She is Bun Certified Bava Professional!"

We could not help replaying the video several times and each time we laughed so hard that our tummies ached! Wish we could reverse the time and re-live those days again!

Even though the running commentary was Karthik's, this post has been dedicated to Spoo  because she is the one who always gives so many many chances for everyone to come up with new ways of pulling her leg!!! :-)

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