Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to reading...

Yes, I am back to my long time hobby of reading... Over the period of time, I realize that I tend to read more of woman-oriented novels. Either the authors are women or the main protagonist in the story is a girl/woman. The previous two novels that I read (click here) were novels for young-adults. 

"The Summer Spies Moved In" (by Mary Locke) was about a Russian girl who comes to the US and is mistaken for a spy by a neighborhood girl. It portrays the differences between both the cultures. Ultimately the two girls become friends and they work together trying to uncover the actual spy!

The other one "The girl with the phony name" was a novel about a girl who was brought up in an orphanage and trying to come up in life. She does not know who her parents are and she goes in search of them. Meanwhile a person, who claims to be his father, tries to kill her. The one thing that made me feel sad: She is unable to apply for passport, as she does not have a birth certificate. Poor thing! This may be the plight of every orphan!

The latest book I read was "Triumph of Katie Byrne" by Barbara Taylor Bradford. I started this book while traveling from East coast back home during the long weekend. It is very different from the earlier books that I read of the same author. This may be her first detective novel and it did not have (m)any romantic scenes (you know what I mean! ;)) It is the story of Katie who aspires to become a theater-actor. She has two other childhood friends who share her same ambition. On a tragic night, her friends are brutally hit; one is murdered and the other lies in coma. Katie does not know if she can continue towards her goal of become an actor. It is her story, her triumph! 

I finished the three hundred odd pages in 2 days flat! Made V feel jealous that he is unable to give as much time to reading. He is reading a John Grisham novel ("The Rainmaker"). More on that novel later! ;-)


Donna said...

Some of my favorite books are in the YA (Young Adult) section of the library. Look for "A Northern Light" by Jennifer Donnelly. Main character is a young woman in upstate NY in the early 1900's.

Arathi said...

I will see if I can find this book in our library! :)