Monday, June 20, 2011


I always thought that wearing sunglasses was not my thing. To me, some one wearing them looked like a blind person. I used to wonder what made people wear them. Now I know why!

After coming to California, I realize how harsh the sun can be to our eyes. With the roads in the east-west directions, the sunsets are tough times for driving. Don't we face similar situations in India? May be the horizon isn't this vast ... May be trees or buildings keep blocking the sun when it is closer to the horizon... Or may be... The roads are never in east-west directions... Hee Hee.. I never faced this problem in India. 

But being in California is a different story altogether. I remember the time when V almost skipped a red light because the sun was shining right into the eyes! Since then, we have been planning to purchase sunglasses.

It is so tough to select the perfect pair of glasses for our face. Some make our face look so large and others make us look like a don or dada... And then there are others that make us look like a guddi moham. Finally V and I zeroed-in on a pair that suited the structure of our face. We can say we are a proud owner of a pair of sunglasses. This might seem very silly to some of us, but I think it is a huge change in my perspective, that made me buy one for myself.

It was so relaxing to wear them while on a drive.

I also noticed this... After wearing the glasses for a long time, when we remove them, the world seems more brighter and clearer. Ever felt this way? :-)

I am now into sewing a perfect pouch for my sunglasses!


Renu said...

i thought of the same about sun glasses..i dont seem to like them or use u said i never found them of any great use

Arathi said...

But here in California, the sun hits right in the eye. While driving, we can hardly see the road!!!

Suresh Hari said...

u lost the 'ray-ban' sun glasses gifted by sphurthy to all of us?? :D

Arathi said...

Avunu! I lost it! :P