Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Old Days - Parichay

Last night we saw Parichay - the old Hindi movie where Jeetendra is a teacher to 4 naughty children. The story line is similar to that of "The Sound of Music". My favorite song in it is Sa Re Ke Sa Re, Ga Ma Ko Lekar, Gaate Chale... Papa Nahin Ek Thaani Si Didi... Didi Ke Saath Hai Saarey!!

This song triggered a lot of childhood memories... The days when we all would go out for drive in our Jeep.. And all of us singing old Hindi melodies.. Appa would whistle along... 

Abhi Na Jao Chod Kar..., Tere Mere Sapney Ab Ek Rang Hai..., Jaaneman Jaaneman Tere Do Nayan..., Suhaana Safar Aur Ye Mausam Haseen...

If Paati joined us, we would sing devotional songs too!

We would stop at a dhaba for dinner... Sitting on a charpoy under the sky and having garam garam rotis.... Mmmm... Yummyyyyy!

Carefree lives... full of innocence and childlike fun! Miss those days!

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