Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Old Days - Paavadai

During all our childhood festival days, we were made to wear paavadai preferably pattu(silk) ones. A paavadai is a South Indian traditional dress. It is an ankle length flowing skirt usually in silk with border at the hemline. 

We would twirl around in them. Sometimes, when we twirled and sat, the paavadai would be all puffed up with air and it felt like we were popping out of a balloon!!

Recently, I got a chance to make a paavadai for my friend's daughter for her birthday. Oooohh!!! It brought back all my childhood memories. Here are some pictures of the paavadai. I was so excited that I took a lot of them! :)

I embellished the paavadai with some pearls and crystal beads

I hot ironed some rhinestuds to the border. The paavadai is made of two layers. The outer layer is of mesh fabric and the inner layer is of yellow silk.

The chokka (blouse) matches with the border of the paavadai. I hot ironed rhinestuds on the chokka.

The chokka has puffed sleeves.

I love it! Wish I could go back to my childhood days and wear this one! ;-)

I hope the birthday baby likes it too! :-)


yamuna said...

very beautiful arathi!! i am sure the kid will look like a little princess! :)

DarkDepth said...

Please post the baby's reaction too :)

DarkDepth said...

I am sure shw would like it

Arathi said...

I will try get a picture of her.. She is 2 yrs old. Her parents loved the dress a lot! :)

Indira Natarajan said...

Ru u selling also Arthi? Sooooo cute pavadai. Really nice.
I dira