Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paseo Padre & yellow flowers

I love the drive to office via Paseo Padre... Until a couple of weeks back, the landscape was full of bright yellow flowers.... spread as far as the eye can see... How I wished to walk by them!

One fine day we did walk by them... Little desires in life... and how happy the soul feels when they get fulfilled... the heart jumps with joy and lives in the state of ecstasy!
Those three houses reminded me of us, three sisters! Strange how our mind finds connections! This below picture is from the Patterson Ranch road.

I love those yellow flowers... May be they are mustard flowers. I am not sure though!

But within weeks the whole farmland was ploughed and they were gone! But I will wait for this time next year to enjoy them again! :-)


Ravi Madabhushanam said...

It just amazes me how beautiful you wrote these blog posts Aarti. Thank you for the post and the photos. I wish I could be there next time it happens.. :) BTW.. how are you ...

Arathi Prakash said...

We would love to have you here. We will take you in person to this place.. With your photographic skills you can take awesome pics of this place :) any plans to come here in near future?

Renu said...

Been a while since I read your blog and have been reading a bunch of posts and enjoying them, beautiful as always , you do have a way with words

Arathi Prakash said...

Thank you Renu and I am waiting for new posts from you.. I miss them..