Thursday, April 25, 2013

Medical thrillers

I have never been able to read any thrillers related to medicine or with the killers inflicted pain on victims. When I read, I imagine and can even feel the pain when I read of physical torture. I cannot even bear to listen to someone explain medical ailments or accidents. This is one of the reasons why I cannot read Robin Cook novels. But I am surprised that I can read Patricia Cornwell novels. Why so? Even in her books, there is a lot of scenes where medical examiner performs postmortems. But I love reading her novels. I can read them back to back. May be because I like the character of Dr. Kay Scarpetta. Just finished reading her "All that remains" and now planning to read "Hornet's nest" 

Big thanks to my parents who encouraged me to read and I am very happy to enjoy reading. Keeps my mind off daily stress and uncertainties :) 

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