Friday, July 30, 2010

Knotty Tidbits: 5

Title: Aaloo Jeera

The other day when we ate out at an Indian Restaurant, V loved the Aaloo Jeera that he had ordered. That night itself he googled for the recipe and decided to make it the very next day. But he could not, as there were no aaloos (potatoes) at home. He did not forget to get potatoes during his trip to the grocery store. He selected the perfect little potatoes all the while keeping Aaloo Jeera in mind!

Finally yesterday, he donned the apron and got his hands into Aaloo and Jeera to make Aaloo Jeera! It is one of those rare occasions that I get to taste his food. Dint want to miss it! It came out very spicy, yet we both loved it! Hope I get to see more instances of V as Mr. Chef!


Donna said...

Did you know I love Indian foods above all other cuisines? When you have a moment, post V's recipe! It looks fabulous!

Arathi said...

I am delighted to know that you love Indian food! Here is the link to the recipe that Vikram tried out.