Monday, January 10, 2011

My first quilt!

I am so excited to show you all the first quilt that I ever made. Thanks to Donna and her blog and her patient replies to all my silly queries!

I started out to make a quilt of crib-size but it has ended up being much smaller than that. As Donna suggested, I added the borders to make it a little bigger.

V helped me coming up with a nice design and also in selecting the fabrics.

I selected the least favorite fabric for the reverse side of the quilt. And I joined both the fabric by hand stitching. I used my machine to sew the edges of the quilt. All this took me whole of my weekend. I did not want to get my first quilt wrong. So, I worked slow.
Now, I am confused whether to use this quilt to decorate my wall or our love-seat. Any ideas? :)


Donna said...

Arathi, I'm impressed! How about hanging it? That way you can admire it often. And then when you make you next quilt (that's right, I said NEXT), this one can come down and the new one can go up. I like to rotate the "art" on my walls.

Nicely nicely done!

Donna said...

And please take a picture of the back. I'd love to see that, too!

Arathi said...

Thanks Donna! You are my inspiration. The back of the quilt has just a single piece of fabric. You can see it in the picture3 of the post. Anyway I will mail you the snap of the back. :)