Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Post-it Cat

Our library has a lot of books on crafts and I love to go through them and drool over all that I can do. I satisfy myself with just that. But once in a while, when something really catchy shows up, I can't help pushing away my laziness and take up the creative project. This is one such project.

I wish I could remember the name of the book where I saw this. I have already returned the book to the library. How sad!

This cat is first cut out of cardboard and then a thin sponge/batting is cut out in the same shape and stuck to the cardboard. Then the slightly bigger size of the cat is cut from fabric and stuck onto the batting/sponge so that the fabric wraps over the edge and is glued to the back.

We can stick post-it stuff to it or hold up the do-it notes using pins. There is also a kitten made from fabric that is stuck to the cat forming a pocket. This can hold scribbling pad or post-it notes or pen/pencil.

It is nice and cute and useful too, ain't it?! :)

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