Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Quarter

While I was checking in Google where to find rolls of quarters, I chanced upon something new.

It always happens. You are looking for information about something in the internet and you see a somewhat unrelated page in the search results. It catches your eye and you are now browsing on a completely different topic.

Oh where was I? Yes, I was talking about what I found out today. Junk silver. This is the name given to some of the coins that have silver in them and these were minted around 1900s. I read that the quarters minted before 1964 had 90% silver in them and that each quarter is worth $6.25. Imagine having 10 of those. We will be $60 richer! :-)

I also came to know that these coins are very easily found. Sometimes even in a roll of quarters or when we try to get quarters in laundromat! Just this today, I changed a ten dollar note to quarters at our bus station. I also had a half-roll of quarters in my purse. Thus, a treasure hunt started right at my office desk. I dumped the pile of quarters onto the table and started checking the years on them. The closest that I have, is a 1965-quarter. Just by one year I lost $6 of profit (Each of the silver quarter is worth $6.25, remember?)

Now I am looking at the well-worn 1965 quarter and may be if I stare at it hard enough and long enough, the 5 in the 1965 may change to 4! Oh well! We all know that can’t happen! :-)

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DarkDepth said...

Hehehehe I would like to exchange my dollars for quarters :P