Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alameda Creek Trail

Whenever we travel or visit places, I always think of writing about it... more like maintaining a travelogue... I take photos and think of captions but I never get to actually blog it!

This is my first attempt on blogging it...

Last weekend, we went on a hike on the Alameda Creek Trail.

We parked our car at the Niles Old Canyon Road parking lot.

We did not walk for long! We might have touched the 1.5 mile mark and took a U-turn to where we started.

The trail is paved and has the Alameda creek on one side.

There wasn't much water in the creek and many rocks/pebbles that were supposed to be underwater, were exposed and gleaming in the sun.

The trail is lined with trees on both the sides.

The trail passes under bridges as well. We went under three of them!

While we walked, we saw a couple of fruit-laden trees. Does that look like an orange tree?

Let us get in closer...

No they ain't oranges! I don't even know what trees they were. The color of the fruit/berries were ranging from green to orange to pink.

I could not help spending a lot of time near these trees... 

I was taking a lot of pictures of them... I kind-of became obsessed with them... Okay... Okay... I wont bore you more with more of these pictures... Here is a different plant. It looked like a cactus, but the leaves were not that of cactus.

There was date palm tree as well on the bank of the creek.

There was line of eucalyptus trees. Suffering from a blocked nose? Just walk by these trees; Their characteristic smell is sure clear up your nose!

I found another tree with branches growing downwards and swaying in the breeze. Beyond this tree there is a railroad crossing. We touch that point and took a U-turn.

Beyond the creek, we could see the hills, now covered with dried-grass and brown in color.

The hills are lot more beautiful during spring. The grass is green then and the hills look green and full of life.

It was a sunny bright day... And I was walking hand-in-hand with V... Ah! What a fulfilling day it was!

This wont be my last visit... I will surely come back again and again... I may probably try to cover longer distances on the trail!

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