Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Around the world in 80 days

I know I know... This book is a very old one... But a very interesting one, ain't it? It is not my kind of a book... Hardly any dialogues... And pages and pages of description of the scenes... 

I had heard of this book during my childhood when I was reading "The Mysterious Island" (by the same author). This time when I chanced upon the book during a used-books sale, I told myself: "Why not give this a try?"

I have to admit; I love the book. The story moves at a very fast pace unlike most other books written during the same period. There are lot of pages about India as well as about the US. It is very exciting to read about how people traveled during those days. The suspense of whether the main character in the story wins the bet of traveling the world in 80 days kept me turning pages!

Can't wait to read his "20,000 leagues under the sea" and "A journey to the center of the earth"!!! :-)

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