Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brock Street

On the way to office, I see this covered bridge and tell myself that I will ask V to take me here. I memorize the name of the street: "Brock St." I save the name in my cell phone and tell myself again and again that we need to visit the bridge when V is in town.

V is in town; but we never get to go out. I am busy with work and he is busy with work. The day V has to leave, he sneaks me out to where? To Brock Street... Yipeee! :)

We pass the covered bridge. 

It passes over the twin brooks. Now comes the surprise. 
There is a whole park out there... 

Covered with snow... 

with a half-frozen lake... 
Oh! What an experience! 

"Wish we had more time," I sigh.

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Donna said...

I love the last picture of this post. My guild is doing a calendar challenge, and I have winter. This photo may be my inspiration piece. Thank You~