Friday, January 4, 2013

Mini Grand Central!

The Union Station at New Haven looks a little like Grand Central from the inside. May be it is not as grand as the Grand Central in New York City. But it is a mini-Grand Central with it quaint ticket counters, the warm yellow lighting and the seating arrangements. I wish V was with me to share the moment.

It was beautifully decked up for the Christmas

What I liked the best was the board that displayed the train information. Every time there was a change in schedule, the letters in the rows moved rapidly and finally showed the train name and its new arrival/departure time. It reminded of the movie: Terminal.

I did not visit this place just for sight-seeing; I had a train to board. My first experience in the Amtrak - Acela Express! Wow! Loved the experience. The interior of the train looked like the business class section of a flight. We even have free wifi on board. There is more than enough legroom and lot of overhead space to store our luggage.
I wish I had traveled during the day time; I would have surely enjoyed the landscape outside the window. May be some other time! :)

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