Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quilting Along

I read an article by name "Quilting Thin Strips" in a quilting magazine.

This quilting technique involves stitching strips of cloth onto batting.

I tried out this technique recently. This is a very good way to use our scrap fabrics.

First cut the batting and backing for required shape. For a small project like this, we can take batting and backing with same size. Also, take thin strips of fabric for the quilt top.

To get the above design,place the first two strips right side together on one diagonal of the rectangle as shown below. Then stitch with 1/4th inch sewing allowance.

Then press/iron them flat.

Add another strip to one end and stitch along.

Continue till the whole batting is covered. Then trim the edges.

Now attach a 1 inch binding tape to edges of the placemat.

Complete the edges.

The placemat is complete now.

This is how the back looks like.

I did a similar placemat by attaching strips vertically.

I am planning to make two more to complete the set. :)

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