Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fabric Boxes

I have been looking for fabric boxes in the market and was wondering if I could make one. Here's what I did. I took a small cardboard box. And then:
                                   Pull the box apart

Put it flat on the fabric for measurements

Cut two long pieces (this is for 2 sides of the box and the bottom) and four small squares (for the other two sides of the box)

Place the long rectangle pieces on either side of the box as shown below

Mark the positions where the small squares need to be joined to the long rectangles. Stitch them. 

We should get two huge plus signs (I don't know any other word to call those pieces :D) Place these two plus fabric pieces on either side of the cardboard piece and stitch as close to the cardboard as possible. I hand-sewed the whole thing. 

Now fold the sides of the box so that the edges are together and staple them up

Trim the raw edges. Take a 1 inch bias tape and hand-sew the tape to raw edges to cover them up

Hem the top edges of the box so that there aren't any raw edges on the top of the box

This whole project took me the greater part of my afternoon. I was thinking of machine-stitching everything. But the cardboard kept moving and it was very difficult to stitch right at the edge of the cardboard so that the fabric lays snug on the box.

May be I should come up with a quicker and easier method to make these fabric boxes!

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