Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chips & Salsa

While we were waiting for our friend at the parking lot, we felt a little hungry. What do we have? There was only one place to eat in that shopping complex. It was a Mexican Grill called Panchero's. Our expectations were nil. We went in and saw that the options were very similar to those of Chipotle. But we wanted to get some snacks only. What do we get? Chips and Salsa. That's what we got. The chips were dark greenish-brown in color. They looked different. As I mentioned earlier, our expectations were nil... We dipped the chips in salsa and they were simply mouth-watering! We could not stop having one chip after the other... with the salsa, of course! The salsa was the best that we have tasted till date. It was yummy! We decided to have our dinner there. I liked the caption on their paper napkins.

The soft drink lid had sweetheart embossed on it. Made me feel special! :-)

Whenever I talk about the place, somehow I cannot remember the exact name of the restaurant. I refer to it as "the restaurant whose name sounds like 'puncture' or 'pressure'"! What a way to recollect names! Funny, no? :-)

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