Friday, October 12, 2012

Phone Vs Water

This afternoon I was recollecting the time when my phone fell into a bucket of water... Yes, it did fall into a bucket full of water and no, it did not stop working! Surprised! Well, this is the truth. The phone still works. It is a smartphone of a Samung make.

When it fell into water, I immediately dipped my hand in and pulled the phone out of the bucket. I was very upset. It was not my phone, it was V’s phone and it was relatively newly purchased. I disassembled the phone - the battery, back cover, SIM card, SD card, all were taken out. I dried them with a towel first and used a hair dryer to blow dry. Then for one whole day I left it for air-dry. I wanted all the moisture in the circuits to go away and did not want to use it at once and cause a short circuit. That would be the end of the phone, ain’t it?

Well, I am glad that the phone pulled through. I have dropped it several times and touch wood, the phone continues to work!

While I narrated all this to my colleagues, I came to know that the cnet performs something called as a “torture” test to new phones that come in the market. They put the phones in the oven, in freezer, drop it from a high storey building, hit it with nails... they literally torture the phone to see how long it can take it! So, they basically destroy a brand new phone to tell us its pros and cons! What a job!

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