Thursday, October 25, 2012

Giving Back

I am very very proud of this person for making a decision to give back to the society. He has started an English medium school in his own village and made his people proud. He has  named the school after his elder brother whom he admires. He wants to maintain the school as a no-profit-no-loss school. At a time where people look at school as a means of earning money, this person has put in his life's savings to do something for his own village.

This school has around 260 students now. As most of the children's parents are illiterates, the teachers spend extra time with the students and make them do their homework in school itself. So, it is more like a no-homework school. The teachers take out time to visit the students' homes to help them with their learning.

While people like me just dream to do something good to the society, you are living your dream. Hats off to you Govind and keep up the good work. May God support you in this noble cause.

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